5 Facebook Ad Tips You Probably Haven't Heard

Avoid The Boost Button

Boosting isn't necessarily a BAD thing, however, using the boost button can really limit your targeting options. It's much better to run a page post engagement ad!

Use The Power Editor

The Power Editor does things that Facebook ads cannot do! This includes not limiting text (hooray!) advanced targeting options (another hooray!) and bulk editing.

Most Ads Won't Convert

This sounds like a bummer upfront. BUT, it's not all negative. Ads won't convert- at least when you're first starting out. You need to test multiple ads and expect only 20-30% of them to convert, and the rest to be duds. Over a period of time, you'll learn what works the best for your brand.

Always Use The Pixel

Are you running ads on Facebook? You NEED to be using Facebook Pixel. Running ads without it will ultimately waste your money in the end.

Set Targets, Not Budgets

Budgets should be based on leads you want to generate, not the other way around! It's better to shoot for a certain number of leads, then base your budget around that.

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