4 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS A Blog

I sat down the other day with a potential client to discuss different options for blog opportunities, and I found myself explaining several of the reasons blogs are so important for businesses! If your business has a website and has the capability to host a blog, I highly recommend doing so! Why? Keep reading to find out why!

Search Engine Optimization

Have you done your keyword research? The more keywords that are associated to your business more often, the better you look to Google! The more attractive you are to Google, the higher you rank! The higher you rank, the more visible you become! ;)

This is why blogs are so important. Not only do you have content your customers are looking to consume, but it increases your chances of new customers finding you through search.

You Can Use Blogs To Advertise

We all know social media is important. It's where people from all over the world come to hang out! It's also (always, always, always) a good idea to push out whatever you've written onto multiple platforms! That click from Facebook will drive them to your website and possibly lead to a conversion.

The Evergreen Content

It doesn't always have to be, but make sure that a good chunk of your content is something you can reuse over and over again. This ensures people will always be interested in what you've written. Plus, you yourself can reuse it again in the future!

You Can Analyze Your Audience

Just like search engines analyze your site, you need to be analyzing those who visit your site! When you know your audience, it makes writing 10x easier! Not mentioning the more you study your audience, the more you can target more accurately with ads.

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